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cene. On the adjacent cliff three stone barracks were being built. "It is a magnificent site—a magnificent site!" said the Colonel, then dreamily added: "It would not surprise me to see a fo


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rtress like the Castle St. Louis on that bluff some day." A busy scene presented itself between the two cliffs, where scores of men with picks, shovels, hand-drills, wheel-barrows, and stone

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drays, were busily excavating. Stone-masons, with their mallets and chisels, were compelled to stop every few minutes to wipe the perspiration from their brows with their shirt-sleeves. Irish

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and Scotch they were mostly, their coarse homespun shirts contrasting with the neat undress uniform of the officers who were supervising the building of the barracks and assisting in the works

. Two men, with muskets, from one of the back settlements then accosted the Chief in an excited state of mind, and asked if it were another American invasion that they were preparing for. "We heard the sound of your cannon," they said, "miles away, and we followed in the direction from whence the sound came, and when we saw the soldiers and the men engaged on the defences we were convinced that we had good grounds for our fears." The Colonel enjoyed the joke immensely, as did the workmen, who had a hearty laugh at the expense of the backwoodsmen. Mr. MacKay, the contractor, observing

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the embarrassment of the poor fellows, said: "I trust that our men always

will be as ready to take up arms in defence of their country if the need arises. They are brave, loyal fello

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